Life throwing you sideways?

Firstly, I must confess, I took a very long break from blogging. it wasn’t intended really, it was just because I got lazy and have a bad habit of starting and stopping (this is something I have made up my mind to really work on).

When I first started this blog in 2013, I ended my first blog post with this wonderful quote from the bible:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

This quote was very apt then and even more so now, back then I was moving to a new terrain, scaling walls that I never thought that I would and engaging in adventures that were truly amazing. The bottom line is, no matter how great I thought this experience was, I was anxious, nervous and just a tad apprehensive.

Why am I going back to this quote today? As the years have flown by and I have experienced growth, I know better. Sometimes life can throw us sideways when were are trying to go forwards. There are times where we experience delays, distractions and blockage. However, the most important point is never to be anxious. Not only can anxiety cause mental and physical weakness, it leads to spiritual weakness too.

Isaiah 41:10

‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

It may seem like you are taking a step forward and two steps back but do not be anxious. Give it to God in prayer, in petition and with thanksgiving present that situation to God, He will strengthen you and uphold you. I would say keep trying your best in all you do, don’t give up on bettering yourself, have faith, trust and thank God for your journey.

I find it helpful when I’m feeling down to listen to some encouraging and uplifting gospel music. I remind myself that God is intentional just like the track by Travis Greene (Intentional) link here: Just believe that all things are working for your good and there is a purpose for it all.

As for me, I pray I continue with blogging as I should and discipline myself in other areas too. I have grown immensely in the last 4 years and can’t wait to share my thoughts and experiences, with you.

I relinquish every fear and anxiety today, I take on the strength and power from God to live a just and powerful life.

Always yours,




So I am very passionate about Nigerian culture, art, innovation and creativity. I scream everything Nigeria and will continue to scream and rave about the talent and skills deposited in many young Nigerians. I have come to appreciate that young creative youths are paving a way in Nigeria, causing this country to be one of the fastest growing economies in the African continent. I am so excited about the creativity that has come out of Nigeria and thats why I choose to feature some on this blog.

What better way to start than to introduce a company known as Waldon Leather Company who design and custom make bespoke leather shoes! Personally I am a huge fan of shoes, but now we are talking about MADE IN NIGERIA shoes! Now thats’s what I’m talking about!

Read on for more about Waldon L.C and dazzle your eyes on some of their beautiful creations below.

It has become easy to associate the fashion industry especially within Nigeria with clothing styles ,designs and even more recently makeup and beauty. As one can without much effort reel out a long list of both local and foreign brands. Names like tiffany Amber, Lanre Da silver, Frank oshodi, okunoren twins, Mai Atafo,Tara  easily come to mind.

However not much is known about exploits being done in the thriving footwear industry. One would easily conclude that compared to the razzmatazz going on with the clothing brands not much creativity and activity generally has been recorded with the footwear brands in Nigeria. Contrary to this view, some footwear brands have made landmark achievement and created a niche for themselves in the industry; one of such being Waldon Leather Company, a company that is in its third year of creativity. 

Waldon L.C as it’s known has since its creation in 2012 created a niche for itself by providing world class leather products, relying entirely on home grown resources from start to finish. The brand has ensured to create a unique market that conquers the common roadside low quality footwear and the mass produced Nigerian branded shoes imported from China.  Unlike the latter, Waldon L.C represents the true Nigerian quality brand consciously contributing it’s quota to the economy by relying on strictly home grown resources.

This nascent leather company which is managed by two brilliant brothers, Oswald Opara and Donald Opara both graduates, started off from their replicating existing designs.However, today this company has evolved into a standard bespoke company churning out innovative designs to meet individual client taste.

 Waldon L.C which recently had its works featured at the Kenyan fashion show just released one of its latest designs which has been trending all over the media. It developed a unique twist to the British classic monk strap. Taking into cognisance the ultimate need for comfort amidst staying trendy, they have created a detachable double monk strap allowing clients to have alternative straps for a pair of shoe.






Post Law School -Apologies for the loooooooooooooooooooong absence

Hi All,

Oh my! its been such a long time. Its been a bit of a whirlwind in the latter part of law school and post law school. I know you are thinking well really? like that much of a whirlwind? But yes its been full on. So praise God I survived the dreaded law school exams!!!! and was called to bar last November! I also started a Masters programme in September last year and thank God that has been completed too. That’s really the reason for such a long break. Its been an intense year, however, with more free time now. I am BACK!

For those deciding whether to pursue further education, either law school or post graduate degrees, I urge you to do it! I am positive that you will enjoy your experience…..though it might seem difficult initially. Remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

To those pursuing other great ventures not necessarily further education, the same goes to you! Do what you love, widen your skills and talents!

This is just a brief note to say hi, I am back… and I’m sure there are great things in store.

Have a wonderful day!

Arts Market

Hi all,


So we have just come to the end of a 2 day public holiday in Nigeria. I visited the arts market in Abuja with some friends today and I had such an amazing time. I love art and culture as you all know, so it was right up my street. I hope the pictures will give you an idea of what the experience was like.

National Council for Arts and Culture

each store was a hut....very unique

each store was a hut….very unique


the paintings were awesome

the paintings were awesome

so many different types of jewellery

so many different types of jewellery

more paintings

i just love this fabric

i just love this fabric

I've never seen a painting in black and was  amazing!

I’ve never seen a painting in black and white….it was amazing!


more jewellery

more jewellery

a girls dream

a girls dream

the one on the extreme left is from sokoto

the one on the extreme left is from sokoto

I just had to take a pic of this...interesting take on Mona Lisa. its very different to the one I saw at the Louvre

I just had to take a pic of this…interesting take on Mona Lisa. its very different to the one I saw at the Louvre


He demonstrated great skill....when I grow

He demonstrated great skill….when I grow up…lol

He demonstrated great skill....when I grow

He demonstrated great skill….when I grow up…lol


The bag I fell in love and went home with...yay!!!!!!

The bag I fell in love and went home with…yay!!!!!!

great friends....great fun!

great friends….great fun!

recycled bottle lids, straws and yogurt wrappers used in creating this

recycled bottle lids, straws and yogurt wrappers used in creating this


beauty...enough said

beauty…enough said




So I told you all about my love for poetry and after a very long time indeed I wrote a poem the other day that I thought to share with you…


The resounding sound of the quartet playing,

The even strings distribute notes that form the chords of a great composition,

The composition we call love,

Perfectly built, with such rhythmical harmony,

But in this composition, the sound though, beautiful is foreign.

Foreign because it doesn’t represent you and me.

It represents a love that can still be broken.

Like the strings of that elegantly crafted violin, it snaps even with little force

And finally there’s no way to save this orchestral piece.

Though dense in beauty, this love is fragile in substance.

But there is a hope. There is an aperture that captures all fragility.

It captures the essence of you and me daily.

The flaws, the weaknesses, the insecurities.

This composition creates the perfect picture

Picture this, the perfect blend of pixels and the array of light that makes this love so simple.

Forget the technicality, its combined images of perfect unity,

The formation of a structure that cannot be easily broken.

As with the lens, I focus on every detail of this image, the hope,

The amalgamation of two hearts, two dreams, one future.

Even the eagle looses its gaze. But I stare on in awe of the creation,.

The illustrations of a love so strong like that of a woven cord.

I am exposed to this beautiful art…that is your soul.


Prince and Friend…. Hospitals… Law School…2 days of fasting!

Hi all. I am so sorry I have been absent for a while. So I wrote last about my move to Nigeria right? So yes, I did it! I made the big move. I moved from all that I knew, my job, home, family and friends. I got to Nigeria a week before law school was due to start and instead of relaxing and chilling in the sun, I had to hit the ground running.

Day 1 – Bank

My first real experience of banks in Nigeria was insane… I had to pay my fees for school and this took literally the whole day! I was passed around from bank to bank for reasons that were not explained properly! I met two bar 2 guys at the bank in Ibadan….Prince and his friend… it turns out, they were having trouble with paying fees too at the bank.

Later in the day when they sorted out their payment, they gave me a call to find out if I was ok….Thanks Prince & Friend…If you end up in Abuja, I’ll see you in October.

After paying fees at the bank, I had to find an internet cafe just so that I can check whether the pin given by the bank worked! I thought that stress was enough, I had no clue what day 2 was going to be like.

Day 2 – Medicals

So I was tired, drained and quite frankly worn out from the previous day but that didn’t stop me. So as part of the Law School admission process, we have to do medical tests and produce the reports signed by a state doctor on the day of registration!

I went to a state hospital in Ibadan (name not disclosed). To cut the long story short…I spent two days running around this same state hospital, getting stabbed by medics (doing blood tests) urine test and chest xray ( I don’t even want to mention the chest xray incident)!!!! lets just say there’s no privacy!

I went from running round a hospital, looking for an attendant to pay the fee for hospital registration to running back home to get hot water so that my blood clotting test can be done…. phew that’s over.

Registration Day!

As if the stress of the previous days wasn’t enough. On the day of registration. I flew into Abuja and typically, my flight was delayed. on getting to the Law School….there was a notice on the gate about the procedure for registration (simple enough I thought, no need to note this down). Well I thought wrong. The day was very hectic, I didn’t eat the whole time save for a breakfast bar that someone rescued me with when it looked as though I was going to faint. I had some crazy long hours, witnessed some girl fights and unfortunately I was locked in a room with some very frustrated individuals. Upon all of that, I still didn’t get accommodation the first day and I had to come back the following morning (with my huge luggage of course).

A lesson to all. Patience is very necessary. Someone gave me some wise words.’When you are running out of patience, you need to find some more’. That is what has gotten me through this whole experience.

I cannot document specific details of the experience for obvious reason….but for tips on what to realistically expect from registration day at law school… contact me!

oh yeah… that chest xray report, came in handy!!!

I have also made some very good friends!

Well I’m sorry this post came late guys, I am still struggling with getting decent internet. Hope to update you soon.

Thanks for reading!

Hoping one day you’ll make a dream last…

So 2 days ago on 17 June. I was waiting anxiously for 12am, I waited to check the status of my application for the Nigerian Law School. I checked and the admission list had not been uploaded. I continued to check at various times during the day (I refreshed my laptop periodically, like every 5 minutes. Actually, who am I kidding, I never left my laptop alone).

So why was this so important? Why the anxiety? Well… this was another step to making my dream last. It was going to be another phase in my life that would gravitate me towards my goal.

Its weird because I never knew this would be the route that my life would take 4 months ago. I pictured things slightly differently. However, right now….on 17 June at 16:00, it all seemed to make sense. I was given admission to the Nigerian Law School.

It’s been a tough decision. I am moving some thousands of miles away. It will take a lot of adjusting. However its a challenge that I am ready to take in the hope that one day it will contribute to making my dream last.

My first ever blog!

What led me to creating a blog? Is it my love for God, culture, literature, art or poetry? Yes, indeed. It has been a combination of all these and the greatest prompt has to be my move to Nigeria (something I never thought I would do so soon).

Although anxious, I am looking forward to the experience and I wish to share this journey with you all THROUGH MY LITTLE EYES.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

Hope you enjoy my blog.